Artists of Social Media, II: Megan Watkins

Megan Watkins, an acrylic painter from Tennessee, has been artistic since the moment she picked up a pencil.  Always creating, she uses her practice as a way to maintain sanity and communicate her emotions.  In her work, she seeks to connect with her viewers on an emotional level and "invite them to feel".

"Abstract Floral," Acrylic on Stretched Canvas, 18"x24"

While painting in the evenings and on weekends, Megan maintains a consistent practice.  Her finished works are shared on social media to inspire her followers.  Social media also provides Megan a great opportunity to connect with more viewers and other artists around the world as she strives to pursue art as a full time career.  

Be sure to follow Megan on Instagram at @meganwatkinsarts and read more of her story in the Second Edition of Artists of Social Media!