Artists of Social Media, II: Ashleigh Norrie

Printmaking and mixed media artist, Ashleigh Norrie, has always immersed herself in the arts.  After graduating with her fine art degree, Ashleigh decided to work as a school art teacher.  Even though she has a daily interaction with art, Ashleigh realized that most of her creative energy was focused on her students and the classroom, instead of her own work.

As Ashleigh has sought to make a change in feeding her creativity more, she has used social media as a place to find validation and support.  This has encouraged her practice and has helped her develop her own unique style of layering.  While providing so much to her students, Ashleigh also builds herself while at the same time enriching the arts on social media by sharing her complex and interesting artwork.

Be sure to follow Ashleigh on Instagram @ash_norrie_artist and read more about her work and story in the Second Edition of Artists of Social Media!