6 Tips for Applying to Artists of Social Media

As we start another round of applications for Artists of Social Media, I've put together some tips to help you as you select photos and consider the questionnaire.

  1. Share Your Story - Artists of Social Media is all about the stories of artists.  Collectors and other artists love to know how you got to where you are.  It's not about the number of followers, sales, or how long you've been on social media, it's about what you've done, decided, or resolved to do that has gotten you to where you are, doing what you do, and sharing what you create.  Your journey is unique and we want to hear it.
  2. Be Willing to be Vulnerable - Hand in hand with sharing your story, be willing to be vulnerable.  The most impactful stories are often those that are hardest to share.  Brené Brown states that it is in vulnerability that we find true connection, and that's where the gold is.
  3. Great Photos - Just as important as your words, the photos you submit need to represent your work well.  Be mindful about choosing your work and be sure to upload only photos that do not contain any background, framing, or styling.  Also, if you refer to a work in your writing, consider uploading that piece as a reference for the reader.
  4. Artist Photo - The photo of yourself will most likely be the reader's first impression of you, so be sure to take care in selecting a well lit, high quality photo.  Of course, use this opportunity to share your personality!  No need for formal, high school year book style photos!
  5. Artist Statement - Along with your artist photo, your statement will introduce the reader to your work.  If you don't use a standard artist statement across all your platforms, consider reading over the questionnaire before writing it so that you can be sure to include any information that you think is critical for the reader, that may not be in the questionnaire.
  6. Required Information - Not every question you answer may be included in the published book.  The information that you can count on appearing is your artist statement, contact information, and who your favorite artists are to follow.  All other information may or may not be published.  As you answer questions, keep in mind the the more you answer, the more content you'll have available for publication.

Artists of Social Media is such a special project that highlights stories, shares triumphs and struggles, and brings people together.  I am so grateful for everyone who is willing to share in this way and for the enriching the online artist community.  

As always, feel free to reach out with any questions or concerns regarding the application!