Being Involved

It is so exciting to be a part of projects and challenges that others organize.  Some creatives think up the most inventive challenges and the benefits can be incredible, if you choose to get involved.

Depending on the project, of course, it could challenge you to do something new or develop your skills.  Projects like the 100 Day Project, organized by the magnificent Elle Luna on Instagram, leave the gates wide open for you.  With that project, you get to choose what you want to engage in for 100 days, so the extent of the benefit is whatever you allow it to be.  You could learn a new medium, build a collection, or focus on a theme.  When you start a project like that, if is best to decide what you want by the end of it, and create your project so that you get those results.

The Collaboration Project, has been another opportunity to not just create artwork, but also get to know other artists within the Instagram community.  Again, the extent of this benefit is proportional to the effort that is put into it.  Some collaborators have spent a great deal of time getting to know their partners and others have been more casual.  Both are right and appropriate, but the benefits are different.

Being involved within a community and with others, however, has the surprising benefit of lifting you up, bringing in new ideas, and the joy of helping others in their goals.  If being involved sounds scary, take the opportunity of expanding your comfort zone.  You may be surprised by how worth the effort it will be!