Getting Out of the Comfort Zone

Have you ever heard the saying "there's no growth in the comfort zone"?

Getting out of our comfort zones is one of the hardest things for us to do sometimes.  Our comfort zones are familiar and they allow us to relax and be, well, comfortable.  There's no mystery in why we like to stay there.

The thing is, most of our desired results are cultivated by getting out of, and expanding, our comfort zones.

If we are unwilling to get out of our comfort zones, face fears, and risk the possibility of "failure", then we simultaneously deny ourselves the opportunity to grow, develop, and create the results that we want to experience in our lives.  Think back to something that you recall as once having been scary.  Maybe it was the first day of school.  Can you remember how terrifying that was?  New teachers, new classmates, new schedule, maybe even a whole new school to get to know.  But as you went to school each day, all the new things became less foreign.  Certainly by the end of the year, your comfort zone had expanded to include all the things that were new to you in the beginning.  And guess what, you survived.

We have to continually put ourselves in the position of attending "the first day of school".  When we try new things, and survive them, our confidence builds and we expand that circle of comfort.  With an ever expanding circle, more possibilities open up to us.  Things that seem way too scary today, will eventually seem like the logical next step.  

Expanding your comfort zone is gradual, but be sure to make it consistent.

If you want to do something, but feel fear holding you back, make yourself do it anyway.  Even the small things count.  Do you think it's scary to mail an international package?  Find a pen pal who lives over seas.  Have a fear of talking to people?  Engage in minor conversations with strangers at the store.  Scared of making a fool of yourself in public?  Do it intentionally and with that out of the way, continue on with your fabulous self. 

There's almost no way to screw it up and so much to gain.