Thinking Big

I read a lot about the power of big thinking.  Sometimes, thinking big is a hard thing because when you dream up some big, incredible project, outcome, or result, it can seem too massive.  It tends to grow teeth and claws and it becomes intimidating.  Then you don't want to approach it because fear gets to you.  Fear tells you that you're inadequate, it's impossible, it's too expensive, you can't do it...  Fear feeds you all sorts of garbage.

Here's the thing, though, even little dreams and projects can grow to be intimidating.  If you're going to push past the fear to get a result, the benefits to thinking bigger outweigh the benefits of thinking smaller.  As you think big and work on a bigger outcome, you create momentum after you defeat fear and resistance.  Each action you take is just a step on a longer path towards something great.  

It's easier to maintain enthusiasm and persistence when you're working towards something that really sets your soul on fire.

It might take longer, but it is certainly no more difficult because as you work and reach milestone after milestone, your perception of what is possible becomes more and more expanded.  You begin to realize that it's not as difficult or scary as you thought.  

Each milestone proves to you that it is possible. 

Realizing the possibility of creating the results that you want is far more valuable than playing small and going after what you currently see as within your abilities.

As you think big, you allow yourself to grow in big ways.

What is it that you truly want to do or accomplish?  How can you go after it and overcome the fear?