Mastermind Groups

I recently learned the importance of a mastermind group.  While I have been sold on the idea for quite some time, I didn't know how to go about finding the right people and forming the group and I didn't really try that hard, to be honest.

However, we have a friend who is definitely an idea generator.  He has tons of ideas and the skills to pursue all of them.  He's brilliant and talented, but he recognizes that he doesn't have all the answers.  He's been visiting with us for about a year and a half about one of his major projects.  We've seen him through most of the versions of his idea and have given our opinions and suggestions.

This last time we met we had a major break through in the project.  When the solution to the project's main problem came to us, we all felt enthusiastic and that it was just what we were looking for.  However, we only got to that solution by meeting together every so often to discuss the project, the different angles, and different approaches.  While the conversation may have appeared casual, we're all emotionally invested in the success of the project and sincerely want it to fly.  

Later on in the discussion, another lightening bolt struck about a project that I've been trying to work on, but again, that only happened because of our discussion.  

Reflecting on the experience later, I realized that this is the power that a mastermind group offers.  The group brings go-getters together to work on solutions.  They provide support to one another and offer suggestions.  This sort of consistent, group brainstorming brings the best ideas to the surface.

If you've been on the fence about finding a mastermind group, sit on the fence no more.  The progress that you'll make on your ideas (not to mention the thrill you'll get from helping others reach their success) will astound you.  Sure, you might be able to just do it alone, but it'll take you longer and won't be near as much fun.  Try starting with just one other person, but start.