Mind Mapping

The hard thing about thinking up a big plan, dream, project, or result is that it can be really difficult to see how to bring it into the realm of "now".  As difficult as this is, it is important.  The only way to make the fear about your big plans is to take action.  The only way to build momentum is to take action.  

My favorite method of breaking big things down into manageable chunks is to mind map.  If you've never mind mapped before, it's awesome.  There are some really cool apps out there that provide a good platform for mind mapping (MindNode is my favorite), but I often turn to good old fashioned paper and pen.

To mind map, write your big dream, goal, or idea in the center of the page.  Make it legible, but not too big, so that you have plenty of space on all sides.  Then, write out some big things that contribute to making the overall dream possible.  Let's take on the example of selling artwork.

In the image above, I used Mind Node to start the mind map.  Here I wrote out the main objective and four major avenues to reach that objective.  Each of the four are big tasks in their own right, as they should be at this point.  To continue with the mind mapping, break down each thing even farther. 

The point of mind mapping is to get down to the tasks that are easy to do.  "Buy a domain" is easy and takes 5 minutes.  Every task can be broken down to small, manageable chunks that will ultimately accomplish the big goal.  

Mind mapping is also helpful when something new comes to mind that you hadn't previously considered.  You can add it into the mind map, break it down, and feel like you're getting started on it.  It's also a great way to organize tasks and look back to see what you've accomplished toward your goal!

Give mind mapping a try and see how it makes even your biggest goals seem manageable!