Lessons From an Acrobat

Recently I met a guy who is an acrobat.  When I heard his profession, I immediately expressed my astonishment and showed enthusiasm that he is pursuing his passion.  He quickly qualified his position by stating that he's just in training, but has plans to move down to Vegas and try out for some troops down there.

Sensing his insecurity about his current standing as an acrobat, I heaped encouragement on him.  I told him how awesome it was that he was going after it and doing it.  I reassured him that people make a living by being an acrobat all the time, so he could too!  His dream is possible and attainable!  

For so many of us, we lack that encouragement from outside sources about pursuing and attaining our own "dream life".  Instead of just going after it with determination and persistence, we get distracted and discouraged.  Instead of recognizing that there ARE people out there doing exactly what we want to do, we focus on the millions of people who don't make that work.

Whatever it is that you want to do, be, or have, there are people out there that do, are, and have it.


One caveat, you have to pursue it with persistence and determination.  No one is going to hand your dream life while you sit there and day dream about it.

Make a plan.  Get up and put the plan into action.  Adjust the plan.  Repeat.