One Oven Wonder

Last Thanksgiving I went to my uncle's house for dinner.  He has a big, beautiful home with plenty of room for everyone to celebrate together.  As we were preparing dinner together, I remarked how beautiful his new kitchen appliances are.  He sparked at the compliment and began telling me how nice it was.

Then he pointed to the ovens, two of them, set into the wall and he said, "Yeah, one of our ovens went out about 8 months ago and it was really hard to get by on just the one oven until we replaced all the appliances."

I wanted to laugh.  I wanted to reply with a snarky, "One oven, huh?  Sounds rough."  Instead, I just smiled and said how nice it was.  I only have one oven.  I get by just fine.

On the way home, I told my husband about the conversation and he laughed.  We then began talking about how people can do so much with just what they have.  If we refused to bake because we only have one oven, think of all the things we'd miss out on!

We both began to apply this idea to our respective work and all the things that stop us, as artists, came flooding into my mind.

"I don't have a proper studio."
"I don't have room for an easel."
"I don't have room for large works."
"I don't have a website."
"I don't have gallery representation"
"I don't have...."

If we focused on what we don't have, we'll find that list is bottomless.  Most of us, however, do have at least "one oven".  What can you do with your "one oven"?  What can you create?  What opportunities do you have?

This story is to illustrate that we often underestimate what we can do.  I challenge you to deliberately search out what is available to you and what you can accomplish with that.  As you seek, so shall you find.  

Then, get to work.