Win-Win Decision Making

In her book, Feel the Fear... and Do It Anyway, Susan Jeffers introduced a brilliant idea about how we make decisions.

Typically, we operate under the "No Win" decision making process.  In this process, we agonize over the choices and what we should do.  We procrastinate and ask everyone we know for advice.  We get anxious and we dread the moment we have to finally make the choice.  But then once we choose, it often doesn't end there.  We think about the other choice and the "what if's" flood in.  It's a vicious cycle of anxiety and wonder.

Susan Jeffers proposes a different model, a "win-win" model.  To engage in this model, you need to change your thinking.  Instead of assuming that one choice is "wrong" and another is "right", assume that they are all correct.  Take the time to step back and analyze each choice and the probable consequences of choosing each one.  

Then, after you do your homework, prioritize what's important to you.  In other words, choose which consequences you would rather have.  If the consequences of one choice are unacceptable, then you can make another choice.  

Susan also encourages that you trust your impulses and gut feelings.  If one choice "feels" better than another, don't discount those feelings.  Often when we choose against those "gut feelings" we regret it and end up remaking something like, "I knew I should have done that instead..."

Then, once you've made the choice, let go of your preconceived ideas of how it's all supposed to turn out.  Trust that whatever happens is for the best and you'll be able to handle anything that results from the choice.  Believe that you made the right decision with the information that you had and move on.

This model and process removes the anxiety from making a decision and puts it in a better perspective.  Do you have a decision that you could use the "Win-Win" model on?  How can you practice this in all your decisions?