Motivational Book Monday - Finding Your Own North Star

Finding Your Own North Star by Martha Beck is another book that was instrumental in my path towards living the life that I want. 

This book is more of a guide than a motivational book, with places to write your thoughts and analyze yourself.  Instead of merely reading, this book requires you to actually do the exercises to find the answers that are true for you.  The object of the book is to help you identify what your true calling is (your north star) and how to follow that path.

north star.jpg

Martha focuses a lot on decoding how your body speaks to you and she helps you translate those "gut feelings".  Through this work, you're able to recognize when something is "off the path" and when something is following you "own north star".  

By being self aware, you are empowered to trust yourself and the decisions that you make as you strive to live a fulfilled life.