Fresh Starts

Every once in awhile, we all require a fresh start.  This could be as simple as a new sheet of paper or as drastic as selling the house and moving out of the country.  Life can get monotonous and with the monotony, your senses become dull.

Engaging in something new and exciting will refresh your senses, give you new ideas, and change your perspective.

If there are such great benefits to new beginnings, why don't we do it more often?  

Starting something new can be scary.  Even if you've done something just the same or similar in the past, fear can creep in and make you feel like this time it will fail.  For some, that fear is enough to keep them from even going for it.  The fear is even worse when it's uncharted territory.

Getting over the fear to do something new or to "start fresh" can be daunting, depending on the kind of start you're contemplating.  However, it is possible to start small and work your way up towards a big, scary change.  Practice getting out of your comfort zone as much as possible and you'll soon find yourself ready for the fresh start you really want. 

The fresh start will revitalize your work and give you new opportunities and experiences.  If your routine is feeling old and mundane, it's probably just the thing that you need!

Whether it's a new project or a new lifestyle, if you feel like you're due for a change, take the leap, and go for it!