Lately, I have been thinking about this idea of rejection.  One of my favorite ever things I've read by Jack Canfield is that rejection is just an idea, but there's really no such thing. This is best explained through an example:

Let's say that you want to be in a gallery show, so you apply for a few.  By applying, you put yourself in the position to possibly be in the gallery show.  If you don't apply, your chances of them knocking on your door for the show are pretty slim and most artists don't bank on that.  So, you've put yourself out there.  If none of the galleries accept you into your gallery show, your status hasn't changed.  You weren't in a gallery show before you applied and you still aren't in a gallery show.  Everything stayed just the same.  The part about the "rejection" that hurts, is the mental game.  Now, you might feel inferior or that your work isn't good enough and that can suck, if you take it all personally, but the truth is that most often you don't know why they didn't accept you.

However, if you don't ask, the answer is always no.

The only way to change your situation is by putting yourself out there and asking.  As you continue this practice, the fear of "rejection" will lose its grasp on you.  There are literally millions of people on this planet, someone is bound to say yes, you just have to keep asking.

My challenge to you today is to reject this concept of rejection and put yourself out there.

Ask and you shall receive.  Eventually.