Motivational Book Monday - Die Empty

One of my all time favorite motivational books is Die Empty by Todd Henry.  I read this book a couple years ago and it represents a real turning point in my life.  

The premise, and the reason for the title, is that we should all use our very best ideas every day so that when we die, we die empty - having given life our all.  As a person who previously hoarded the best of everything (wanting my cake later rather than eating it today), I used to let all these brilliant ideas sit until I felt like I was good enough, prepared enough, the time was right, etc.  Guess what?  That day will never come.

If we instead use our best ideas every day, we give our best every day, and then, we get the best.

I've had the idea for Thirty 5 Eleven for years.  I probably only told a select few about it for about 6 years.  I never did anything with it, just hoarded my brilliant idea.  When I read Die Empty, I realized how tragic it would be if I died with Thirty 5 Eleven inside of me.  Since then, I've taken steps to make sure that that doesn't happen.

Another really great idea that came from his book is the idea that there are three kinds of work and depending on the proportion that we engage in that work, puts us into three different categories.

The work types are "mapping", "making", and "meshing".  Mapping is the planning of the work, making is the actual doing of the work, and meshing is for the study, curiosity, and the random things that inform the work.

Next are the combinations in which we employ these kinds of work and what kind of person that makes us.

Mapping + Making - Meshing = Driver.  These are the people that just go to work.  They are all work all the time, but they often experience burn out or a lack of ideas because they don't follow their curiosity or expand their ideas by study.

Mapping + Meshing - Making = Dreamer.  These people have all the plans and intentions.  They follow their curiosity and ideas spark all the time.  However, they never get anything done because they never get to work.

Making + Meshing - Mapping = Drifter.  The Drifters are those who just get to work, but don't have a concrete plan.  This often makes them bounce around because they don't have a clear direction.

Making + Meshing + Mapping = Developer.  Obviously, the most successful of the profiles, the Developer engages in all the activities.  They do the proper planning, put in the work, and allow themselves to be enriched by other interests.  This is the sweet spot.

We bounce around between all the profiles at some point, but being aware of all the activities that go into being successful, allows us to consciously engage in them in order to enhance our chances of success.  What profile do you typically fall into?

Better yet, what great ideas have you been holding on to?  How can you make those manifest so that you "Die Empty"?