Managing Ideas - A Call for Suggestions

In the book Big Magic, Elizabeth Gilbert refers to "ideas" as being real entities that find their way to us for the purpose of working with us in order to become manifested.  Although I read the book awhile ago, this concept has stuck with me.

I have one idea, in particular, that has just stuck with me no matter how long I have neglected it.  While Elizabeth suggests politely sending ideas to someone else if you feel like you're not a good match, this one idea in particular is so for me that I can't deny it and I definitely can't send it on it's way.

Meanwhile, new ideas find their way to me all the time and I find that I have a hard time managing them.  I do my best to give my best ideas the most attention, but sometimes it's hard to determine which ideas are the best until I'm entrenched in the work.  

So tell me, how do you manage your ideas?

How do you determine the best ones?