100 Layers of Paint Project - Lessons

On March 13, I impulsively joined Audree Marsolais (@Audreemarsolais on Instagram) in her #100layersofpaint project and it has been a challenge!

Initially, I thought the challenge would be to make sure that I created a layer a day.  I thought it would be difficult to schedule it in consistently.  However, that is the surprisingly easy part.  Each layer only takes a few minutes.  I think the most I've spent on a layer is 15 minutes and that goes by so quickly.

The biggest challenge that I have is that I feel directionless.  I don't know where the work is going or what it is trying to say, and yet, each day I pick it up and try to determine what to do next.  The only way I've found to overcome this problem is to simply do what feels good.  This way of working impulsively is pretty new to me and it's difficult.  

Another challenging aspect is that of restraint.  Each day, I only work a little bit, so no matter how many ideas I get, I have to put them on hold.  Sometimes these ideas still feel right the next day, but sometimes they don't and I feel like I have to start over.  

It's definitely an interesting exercise and worth the effort!

So many great artists are participating in this challenge, be sure to check the hashtag (linked above) to see their works in progress!