When you have momentum, the work gets done easily.  You're in the groove.  You know what comes next and you're ready for it.  You're in the natural state of things.  It's a productive place to be and we all strive for that momentum.  Sometimes, however, we lose that momentum or we just started a new project and are having some trouble overcoming that sneaky Resistance.

The hard part about momentum is that you have to DO something in order to get it.

When I chatted about my friend who was having trouble getting himself to work, he was also attempting to regain that momentum by doing little things.  He said he would do something here or there, and a weekly class in effort to get himself to work on what he really needed to do.  He said he was hoping it would make him work.

But here's the thing: The momentum you create is in direct proportion to effort you put in.

Small efforts, yield small results.  But it's hard, I get it.  If you've been following along with your list making, pull out those lists now.  This project that you've been struggling with has gotten this far, it's definitely worth it.  With your "Motivation" list, remind yourself why this is important.  We're going to spend a little bit more time with your "Resistance" list.

Overcoming Resistance, is the key to gaining momentum.

With your "Resistance" list in hand, let's analyze it.  Which factor on the list do you think is holding you back the most?  What would neutralize this factor?  By identifying the core of your Resistance and how to beat it, you've unlocked the gate to your momentum.  Instead of feeling like you have to do all the things right now, just do that one thing.  

Make yourself do that one thing and recognize that it's the worst of it.

If this doesn't get the ball rolling for you, then refer back to your "Resistance" list and pick the next heaviest weight.  Defeat that one and, if you need to, keep moving down the list.  Even if you simply systematically move through your "Resistance" list, you will be gradually working on whatever it is that you've been wanting to work on.  

Guess what?

This consistent, continuous effort, is momentum.

You've got it, my friend!  Go forth and conquer!