Meditation is a profoundly easy concept, but still a surprising challenge to do.  It is, however, worth the effort.

Meditation is the practice to emptying your mind and rebalancing your thoughts, your emotions, and yourself as a whole.  The practice takes you out of living in the past and relieves your fear of the future.  It centers you right in the present moment and helps you step out of reaction mode and place yourself in control.  The benefits to clearing your mind and emotions in this manner are innumerable.

First of all, clearing your mind of whatever troubles are weighing on you automatically lifts you up.  Your troubles will still be there when you're done, but during your meditation, you get to set them aside and take a break.  This brings in a feeling of peace and a reassurance that everything is going to be ok.  

Meditation also gives you the ability to better handle those problems when you get out of meditation mode.

When you meditate and drop your negative emotions, you allow positive emotions to take their place.  Your positive emotions are the ones that primarily problem solve and get things done.  Without being clouded by disappointment, hurt, or anger, you're able to see the situation and possible solutions more clearly.

Finally, when you take the time to center yourself in the present, you will find your worries diminishing and your regrets fading.  You will feel the control that you have right now and the ability you have to create any result that you want.  

Depending on your goals, meditation can bring you peace, assurance, empowerment, motivation, and confidence.

If you've never meditated before, it will probably be worth it to start off with short and simple guided meditations.  I've used an app by Gaiam called Meditation Studio.  It has a great beginner's course and then a lot of other categories and courses that aligned with my goals.  I occasionally still use the app, but most of my meditation methods have come from it.

Depending on the life you're living, you'll have to adjust when, where, and how long you can meditate, but it's important that you figure it out.  My meditation times vary from day to day, but I prefer to meditate in the morning because the practice centers me in my goals, makes me feel like I can accomplish what I set out to do, and fills me up.  I do, however, like to meditate at night sometimes, but it fills a different purpose.  Instead of revitalizing me, nightly meditations calm and soothe me.  

If it was a rough day, the practice allows me to release my anxiety or displeasure and rest in knowing that the next day will be different.

Whether or not you've meditated before, I encourage you to implement the practice daily.  As you do, you will feel more in control, more capable, and more at peace.  

At the very least, you can enjoy the quiet for a few moments.  Who couldn't use more of that?!