The Power of "I Can't"

Have you ever heard that words have power?  Of course words are very powerful in conveying our thoughts, ideas, and feelings to others, but they also signal to our bodies and subconscious what we are expecting of life - positively or negatively.  

Our words create a cycle.  

By speaking negatively about life, we create negative experiences, which are then solidified by the words we speak about our experience.  The negative speech perpetuates the negative experiences.  By speaking positively, however, we create a positive cycle.  Our positive words create positive experiences, which are then solidified by the positive things we say about the experiences.

Our speech also alerts our brains as to what we are looking for.

As we talk about positive experiences, even small things like, "Since I got a flat tire, I was able to really enjoy the sunset", our minds are then on the hunt for more positive things to experience and talk about.  If we focus on the flat tire instead of the sunset, our minds will then find all the flat tires with which to appease you.

This brings us to a most important phrase: I can't.

We say "I can't" for lots of reasons.  We say it when we truly cannot ("I can't turn myself into a unicorn."), we say it when we have the ability, but cannot currently do it ("I can't sew"), and we say it when we actually can, but choose not to ("I can't meet you for lunch, I have a report to finish.") That last one is a tricky one, because it is most often used.  We say "I can't" without actually realizing it's a choice.  Instead of finishing the report, you could go to lunch, but often the consequences are such that you tend to see it as not a choice at all.

The problem with this phrase is that when we say it, our subconscious and our bodies only interpret it the first way, that we totally cannot, under the sun, no way in hell do it.  There's no solution, it's not even a possibility.  

This is a problem because it stops our powers to problem solve and find opportunities.

Jen Sincero said it this way:

Once you think "I can't", The Universe is like, "Alrighty then, no assistance needed here, see you later."

Saying "I can't" is most dangerous when you're looking for ways to make your dreams a reality.  Instead of being open to all that the Universe has to offer, you're closing yourself off.  Pay attention to when you say or think "I can't" and recognize when you actually can, but are choosing not to.  This exercise has a double bonus.  Not only are you opening yourself up to alternate solutions, but you are also recognizing your own decision making power.  This, in itself is empowering.

So, if you're feeling trapped and in a negative mental rut, start paying attention to your thoughts.  Make a particular note when you are using the phrase "I can't" and stop yourself.  Recognize your power and abilities.  You'll find that the Universe has more to offer you than you thought!