Hesitation Station

You know that feeling when you want do something, but then that awful hesitation sets in?  It weighs in on you and drags you down.  Instead of being buoyed up by the opportunity to do something you want to do, you feel dread and uncertainty.  This, my friend, is Hesitation Station.  

While we all pass through Hesitation Station at some point or another, we should all aim to make our visit as brief as possible.  

Here are some methods to help you get through Hesitation Station as quickly as you can and on to your awesome adventures.

First, identify the end goal of whatever it is that you're hesitating doing.  Be really clear about this.  If it's a project you want to start or someone you want to reach out to, knowing what your final vision of the action is will help you better know if your hesitation is saving you or hindering you.  As you're getting clear on your goal, keep in mind that doing something because "it feels right" or you're "curious" are TOTALLY VALID reasons.

Don't discount your feelings in favor of logic.  Ever.

Second, take the time to identify the reasons why you are hesitating.  This is a huge step towards breaking down that hesitation.  Without identifying the dread, it's just dread in the pit of your stomach and you can't conquer what isn't defined.  

The more honest you are about the reasons that you're hesitating, the better equipped you will be to move on from them.

Then, overcome your hesitation by taking action.  Once you have your end goal clearly defined and your reasons for hesitating illuminated, you can then proceed.  Sometimes you'll realize that your hesitation actually saved you some trouble by not doing the thing at all or by allowing you to work out the best course of action before actually doing anything.  Sometimes you'll realize that your hesitation was all unnecessary.  

However, it's the knowledge that equips you with the power.

So if you find yourself in Hesitation Station, take some time to figure out your destination and proceed without the baggage.