I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine about how feeble most of our excuses are.  His son had become a quadriplegic and still earned two bachelors degrees and worked with children to help them build self esteem and confidence.

Now, there's a person who didn't let excuses rule him.

I love hearing stories like that because then I see my own excuses in stark contrast, plain as day.  It allows me to see where I've been holding myself back.  I've tried to be more aware of my own excuses in the six months or so and I've astonished myself with what I come up with.

In so many instances when I let excuses overrun my actions, I simply want to refuse to acknowledge the underlying cause: fear, an unwillingness to do the work, doubt.  However, the results are incredible when I allow myself to feel these unpleasant emotions.

When I make excuses because I'm too afraid, but I choose to acknowledge that fear, the power of the fear diminishes.  It doesn't go away completely, but it lessens to the point where I can easily overcome it.  When the underlying cause is that I don't want to do the work, well, it makes me feel awful to think that I'm lazy!  When I acknowledge doubt, I am able to battle it with belief.

The turning point really is to catch the excuse, though.  Too often, we get caught up in our excuses without even realizing it.  We get comfortable in our excuses and forget that they're there, holding us back.  That's why I love to hear stories like the one about my friend's son.  

Acknowledge your excuses and stop holding yourself back. 

On Monday, we'll chat about how excuses keep us in victim mode and take away our power, but for now, notice the excuses you tell yourself and others.