Artist Collaboration Project

I have recently had the opportunity to collaborate with a couple of artists and it's been a really fun process.  There is something so exciting about mixing talents, skills, and even interests, to create something with someone else.  Suddenly, there are so many different things to consider: colors, size, material, subject... Then the thought occurred to me: Why not organize a collaboration on a bigger scale and get more people involved?

Enter: the Artist Collaboration Project

The object of the Collaboration Project is to bring artists together to not only blend styles and talents, but also to build friendships and camaraderie.  I asked a few artist friends what they thought about the idea and the response was unanimous: YES.  So, here it is!

Who's it for?  This collaboration is for any artist, on any level, who has or has not collaborated with another artist before.  Requirements include being nice and a commitment to ship work on time.  

What are we making?  Whatever you want!  Each artist will be paired with a partner.  As a partnership, you can discuss your collaboration in as little or as much detail as you would like.  Each artist will then create TWO works.  These TWO works will be mailed to your partner to finish.  Once you receive the two works that your partner started, you get to finish them!  You then send one piece back to your partner.  This ensures that each partner ends up with a piece they started and a piece they finished.

Who keeps what?  While you can ultimately decide this as a partnership, I recommend that you indicate which piece you want returned to you when you send your parter the two pieces that you started.  This enables each partner to choose a piece to keep.

What is the cost?  This is a free collaboration, but you are responsible for paying for the cost of all your supplies and shipping charges.

What are the deadlines?
Submit the Google form by March 8, 2017
Mail date for the first two works - April 15, 2017
Mail date to return the finished piece - May 15, 2017

What's the process?
1. Fill out the Google form
2. Your partner's information will be emailed to you by March 15th.
3. Collaborate!
4. Mail your starting two pieces by April 15th.
5. Finish the work your partner sends you.
6. Mail back one finished piece to your partner by May 15th!

Will you collaborate with us?!  CLICK HERE TO FILL OUT THE FORM!