Abundance vs. Scarcity

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is only too busy to have us all focus on lack and scarcity.

"Only one left!"
"Limited time only!"
"Get it before it's gone!"

That can be your truth, if you want.  Or, you can choose to see the abundance in this world.

If you constantly think about all the lack in your life, that is what your brain is programmed to notice.  Your thoughts are telling your brain what to look for, so you see lack in everything.  It's the last can of soda, the gas tank only has a quarter left, there's only one more stick of gum...  It's everywhere and by noticing that lack, you bring more lack into your life because you are ever primed for it.

If, on the hand, you choose to focus your thoughts on abundance, your brain will find examples to confirm that mode of thinking, too.  The last can of soda turns into: Sweet! I have one left!  Even if the situation looks the same on the outside, how you feel about it will be different.  But here's the most important part:  You'll be primed for more abundance.  This means that when opportunities come your way, you won't miss them. 

The more you choose to focus on abundance, the more abundance you'll see in the world around you.

Have you ever known anyone who is completely convinced that their life sucks and there's nothing they can do about it?  They are frustrating, aren't they?  That's because as an outsider, you can see all the resources and opportunities they have.  You can say, "What about this!" or "You could do this!".  As the person living the situation, though, those things can be so hard to see if we are focused on lack. 

As a challenge, notice all the abundance you see in the next 24 hours.  Write them down and think about it.  How does this make you feel about your life and your world?