Call to Artists!

When I began my journey as a professional artist, it was natural for me to seek out advice and help to get going.  I performed countless Google searches and found many great websites with overwhelming amount of advice and information for artists.  I dug through, read what I thought was important, and attempted to implement the things that I thought would help me to be successful.  The information I found was good and sound, but I felt like something was missing.

Eventually, I stopped searching Google and started perusing the library.  Here I stumbled upon self help books.  After the first self help book, I was hooked and I devoured book after book.  Slowly I began to realize that this is what I had been missing.  

The Google searches yielded great results concerning the technical aspect of being a professional artist (how to photograph work, build a website, market yourself, etc.), but did nothing about how to handle the mental roadblocks (lack of persistence, how to focus, how to overcome procrastination, etc.).  The one, technical advice, was nothing without the other, the will and ability to do something with that technical information.

Here is where Success Design has come into my life.  Through all the self helpery, I have gathered a massive amount of useful information that literally has the ability to change lives.  As a Success Designer, I am committing myself to helping artists design their own success and change their own lives. 

As part of that commitment, I am looking for the biggest problems or roadblocks that artists are facing in their path to success.  I want to tackle the ugliest problems first and create a positive impact on our community of artists.  

I have created a 5 question, anonymous survey to gather data about what artists are struggling with.  Would you like to provide feedback?  Click on the link below to get started!


Artist's Obstacles to Success Survey

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