The Story of Thirty 5 Eleven

Occasionally, I'll be asked what Thirty 5 Eleven means or stands for.  I completely understand the questions.  When I see some business names I often think, "Now, why would they name a nail salon that?"  When it's a big decision, like your business or your brand, why people make the decisions that they do is completely fascinating to me.

So, here's the story behind the name Thirty 5 Eleven:

I grew up in Dallas, Texas and spent most of my childhood in a home with an address of "3511".  I lived here happily, naively, with my mom, dad, brother and sister.  As the years went by the family started to change.  Being nine years younger than my closest sibling, things changed quickly.  

My mom and dad got a divorce.  My brother moved out of state.  My sister moved out shortly after.  Then it was just my dad and I in a huge house.  After a few years of that, he and I moved to a smaller house just a few doors down, "3501".  

When this move happened, whenever we referred to the old house, we would say, "Thirty-five eleven".

That sequence of numbers, said in just that way, became a sort of symbol of a very utopian period of my life.  It was a place where bad things didn't happen.  It was a place of safety.  Of togetherness.  Of encouragement and love.

As I had visions of this community, I knew that was the feeling I wanted to create.  Of course, we are all aware of the less-than-ideal conditions of the world, but we all deserve to have a place that is full of encouragement and empowerment.  A place where we can try new things and take risks because we know we have a whole group of people that are ready to support us.  People, friends, who want to see us succeed and fly.   

Because you can fly.