Introducing: The Thirty 5 Eleven Community

When the vision of Thirty 5 Eleven first came to me and I saw it in my head in all its glory, I knew that it was a place of community.  As I began to develop it and turn it into a reality, I was hesitant.  There are so many great communities out there.  Why add another one?  What makes this one different?  Why would anyone join this community?

The more I thought about it, the more I saw differences between the communities that I have come into contact with and the one I had a vision of being a part of.  This isn't to discount any of the incredible communities that have been built out there.  Those communities are bringing people together and doing amazing things.  

However, I saw a group of artists that were being underserved.

Artists are usually lumped in with creatives because we're, um, creative.  But artists, particularly fine artists, have a different set of challenges and victories than the web designers, wedding planners, and DIY bloggers.  My knee jerk reaction is to be all inclusive.  I want to be everyone's friend, and I truly will be your friend, but this community is specifically for fine artists.

By creating a community just for fine artists, we are able to build a camaraderie between members because we have a concrete common ground.

While other creatives are concerned with getting clients, we are concerned with building a portfolio, talking to galleries, and cultivating collectors.  Our needs are different from other creatives because we perform different work.

Also unlike other communities, the focus of Thirty 5 Eleven is to empower its members to reach their definition of success.

This is not the place to find technical information or business savvy advice.  This is the place to learn how to build your confidence, effectively communicate, and implement all the routines and habits that will bring you success.  

This is the place to be uplifted and uplift others.   This is the place to be encouraged and encourage others.  This is the place to be empowered and empower others.

The Thirty 5 Eleven Community is the place for fine artists who are striving for true success and to lift others to their success as well.

Does that sound like you?  Join us!

There are two ways to be a part of the community.  One is to connect with us on Instagram at @thirty5eleven.  The second is to send me an email using the contact form.  

As members of the Thirty 5 Eleven community, you have the opportunity to be listed on the roster.  The roster will contain a photo of you, your artist statement, a few photos of artwork, and any links that you would like to provide for others to connect with you.  This roster enables collectors to connect with you, as well as other members.

I am so looking forward to working with you and building this community together!