The Impact of Success Design

You are a hard worker.  You set goals and you work towards achieving them.  You strive to be persistent, but the lack of results is discouraging.  You spend a couple of evenings running a Netflix marathon because you're feeling dispirited about your progress, but you tell yourself it's because you've worked so hard that you deserve it.  A few days later, you feel the tug to get back to work on your goals, but the resistance is strong and you just cant muster the motivation.  Eventually, you fall back into your old way of life.  All zeal for your goals have dissipated and you resign yourself to the way your life is.  You tell yourself that it's ok, this is just how life is.  Achieving those big goals and dreams just aren't for you.  Wrong.  If you have told yourself any of those things,  you're dead wrong about yourself.

You are capable of huge amounts of success.  You have the capacity, skills, and talents to achieve any goal and live any life.  You have all the persistence, determination, and focus inside of you, we just have to let it out.

Now, let's rewrite this story, but let's take into account the difference that Success Design makes.

You are a hard worker.  You have great goals and you have some ideas about how to go about achieving them, but you recognize that you have some trouble being persistent, staying focused, and working through discouraging times.  Instead of going at it alone, you decide to hire a Success Designer.  You and your Success Designer sit down and openly talk about your goals and dreams.  You share the successes that you want to have and the life that you want to live.  You both identify the roadblocks that you've experienced in working towards your goals before and decide on a way to deal with them before they come up.  You determine your tasks and set a schedule.  Armed and empowered, you begin work on your goals.  You and your Success Designer celebrate every success you reach, however small.  You are motivated and focused.  You are persistent.  Suddenly you find that the results are coming to you.  The life you want to live is steadily coming towards you and you can see it on the horizon.  This further motivates and encourages you until you are living your dream.

In these stories, we are talking about the same person - you.  We are talking about the same dreams and goals - yours.  By only adding the benefit of Success Design, and not changing anything else, you have reached goals you may have previously thought were unavailable to you.  Success Design gave you all the tools, support, and accountability you needed to be successful and unleashed your greatness, the greatness that has always been inside of you.