Artists of Social Media

We are pleased to introduce the artists who are featured in the Third Edition of Artists of Social Media!  Below, please find a description of their work as well as contact information for each artist. 
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Samantha Naomi Brown

As an artist, I try to convey very personal messages through my work. I try very hard to record all the elements of life in each piece. Thoughts, feelings, hopes, and disappointments. I love incorporating wild textures and colors because there is so many sides and faces of each life event. My work is very emotionally driven, and emotions are not simple at all.

My goal is to make my viewers feel something, but feel it thoroughly. I want to inspire vulnerability. I want to show the darkness of life, but also show that things can be just as beautiful in the dark as they are in the light. There is such a beauty in falling apart. You get to appreciate your pieces more than when you were whole.


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Beatrix Covaci

I’m a mixed-media artist, with a strong focus on watercolor, line work, and digital art. My aesthetics consist mainly in experimenting with intricate flowing lines, which I often incorporate into abstract and/or fantasy pieces.

Instagram: @c.beeatrix
Facebook: c.beeatrixart


Sarah Dalesandro

As an intuitive artist, my paintings serve as a reflection of my inner world and as a representation of non-tangible experiences such as dreams, thoughts, and vibrational frequencies. Painting allows me to release my emotions in a creative and constructive way; and I am driven by the ability to infuse my emotional and energetic experiences onto the canvas and to share that evocative energy non-verbally.

I have gravitated towards creating art from a young age - covering the walls, windows, and ceiling of my childhood room with paintings. This intense need to create comes from the depths of my soul; and, as I evolve and embrace my feminine energy, it comes through in my artwork. This powerful and graceful energy is exhibited most intensely in my goddess paintings, which are born from an emotional desire to evoke feelings of sensuality, and to create a balance of feminine energy in the world.

My abstract paintings are guided by an insatiable craving for colorful expression and movement. As soulful, healing music plays in the background, I begin by writing positive words or dripping essential oils onto the canvas in order to infuse high vibrational energy into each painting. I release all control and allow my intuition to guide the placement of color, and am inspired by the fluidity of the acrylic paints as I pour them directly onto the canvas. The quick-drying nature of acrylics allows for layering, making me feel like a sculptor as I use my palette knife and brushes to carve into the paint. I am drawn to play with texture, movement, and the mixture of colors. While the style of my paintings changes, there is a common thread of tendril-like movements that I find quite soothing to create.

In truth, I don’t have a lot of control over most of my paintings; and if I try to take control, it is not an enjoyable experience. When I allow myself to be a kind of observer, the process becomes intuitive - as if I am channeling either a higher part of myself or my spiritual guides. I feel like I am a part of something that is larger than me, it is about depicting the energy as an image and putting it out into the world.

Instagram: @sarahdalesandro/
Facebook: sarahdalesandro
Twitter: @SCDalesandro
Pinterest: sarahdalesandro


Chrystal Gallenger

I am a self-taught artist from Ontario, Canada. I enjoy working with acrylics and alcohol inks, but am always open to exploring new mediums. I use my art as a tool for expressing myself. When working on a piece, I become intensely focused and enjoy finding myself in a Zen Zone where I am content and peaceful.

Instagram: @chrystalanneart


Alicia Harvey

I am an unabashed Fauvist, an artist that simply wild about color. A “wild beast” (English translation of the French word "Fauve") who uses expressive, nonnatural color in a freeform style.

Instagram: @aliciaharveyart


Havoc Hendricks

I’m a self-taught professional artist who passionately pursues the perfection of my craft. I’ve spent my life studying the never-ending line patterns that nature displays through water, mountain strata, geodes, rock veins, cloud patterns, wood grain, etc. I transcribe these patterns through a minimalist perspective; the end result is something I call DETAILED MINIMALISM.

My work is intentionally meant to not scream for attention. Rather, It confidently exists to be noticed when the viewer is ready to be drawn in by the intricate patterns displayed throughout.

Growing up in rural Idaho, I spent most of my childhood observing the tiny details of my quiet environment. I have many memories of obsessing over my grandfather’s 100+ geode collection, watching the water run through the nearby creek, & being just as interested in the wood grain on our living room furniture as I was in the action-figures that I was making climb all over them. Later in life I became a mountaineer. These climbing adventures took me to even more fascinating & remote locations where I could study the earth’s diverse strata. This hobby of observing nature’s patterns was nurtured for decades before finding it’s destined outlet through the end of a paintbrush.

While missing out on the artistic knowledge that comes with an academic art education, I’ve also had a mind unfettered by rules & suggestions which has allowed me to discover new techniques & styles previously unexplored. My techniques have evolved by using untraditional tools & by combining different paints & elements in unique ways.

In addition to having my art collected around the world, I’ve enjoyed being scouted & commissioned to make custom art for boutique hotels, ski resorts, & the higher end of the snowboard industry, surf industry, athletic apparel industry, etc.

I currently live in Provo, Utah & share an art studio with my photographic artist wife, Laura Hendricks.

Instagram: @HavocHendricks


Marissa Huber

I like to take the mundane and turn it into a moment of delight and connect the viewer to an experience or something noticed that made me pause. It may be a subtle abstract painting with an inspired palette, or an overtly rendered pattern of a new plant I'm obsessed with that's blooming in South Florida, where I live.

I make work to create meaning in my own life, and it's a cycle of questioning our world and existence and attempting to find the fleeting beauty. I enjoy the feeling of peace and possibility when I experience flow while making something. It is also my attempt to contribute towards the community of humans leaving small marks reflecting our being.

Instagram: @marissahuber
Pinterest: @marissahuber
Twitter: @marissahuber

JaneJohnson-final-3 (1).jpg

M. Jane Johnson

I call my mixed-media paintings my “building projects” as they are built out of layers of painting, drawing, and collage. Each piece is process driven and I allow the painting to direct me as to where it wants to go and what it wants to be. Each painting starts out loosely and is tightened up as the piece builds. I use photos a lot in the process to discover the key elements that need to be worked with and played against each other. The majority of my work ends up with somewhere between 30-40 layers on each piece. All of my work contains a strong use of color, line, pattern and texture. These are also key elements in architecture and my love of architecture plays into my building each painting. I strive to incorporate my passion for painting and drawing into all of my work and it does not feel like mine until all the pieces come together. I want the viewer to step back and see the overall image but also be pulled in as well to see the intricate details in each piece.

My geisha series showed up when one of my best friends was sick with stage 4 lung cancer. She had several of my paintings and said she was going to go back to work once she was released from the doctors. She never made that. When I went to my studio after spending our last beach week together I started working on painting for her. A figure in a kimono showed up. Then as I painted new paintings more figures in kimonos showed up. They became a muse for me and a way to work out the loss of my friend. She had been so strong for us and put on such a brave face and once I thought about it I realized that she was wearing a mask to make us feel better.

The geishas that I paint wear a mask so to speak when they put on their kimonos, makeup with their perfect hair and beautiful ornaments. They go forward with grace, elegance, and beauty but what are they feeling inside, going through in life? They became a symbol for people who face hardships such as illness, domestic violence, or war but yet maintain a beautiful image to go forward into life and make other feel better.

Instagram: @mjanejohnsonart
Facebook: @mjanejohnsonart


Kandyce King

Spirit driven, intuitive painter, inspired by music, nature, line, and color - I seek beauty all around me. Whether it be walking on an Autumn day in my neighborhood or discovering that the inside of a envelope has a unique design, my eyes are always on the lookout for inspiration. These encounters with simplistic beauty drive me in my studio. I find that when my cup is full, I can't help but create.

Instagram: @kandyceking
Facebook: @kandycekingart


Dora Knuteson

Art has always been a part of my life. As a child you would usually find me glued to my sketchbook, memorizing how to draw my favorite Disney characters (Simba tops the list). Throughout school I dabbled in a variety of creative disciplines, ranging from ceramic sculpture to computer animation. I ended up graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Parkside with a Bachelor of Art degree. After college, I strayed a bit from fine art and spent the first 10 years of my career as a graphic designer. It wasn’t until I moved from Wisconsin to Florida in 2015 that I became inspired by my beautiful surroundings — vibrant colors and almost constant sunshine — and I finally found the courage to pursue my dream of an art career.

My artistic journey so far has been an education in learning how to see what I am looking at. We all see and experience the world differently. My goal as an artist is to share with the viewer my unique vision and my delight in the world around me.

I occasionally experiment with different mediums, but I am most often drawn to acrylics. The fast drying time allows me to freely explore my subject by building quick layers. I typically use color combinations that invoke a sense of joy, and I like to leave just enough complexity to the layers that the viewer feels curious enough to take a closer look.

Regardless of my subject, I seek to emphasize contrast and variety within the composition by combining what I see with what I imagine — to let go of perfection and find my own unique balance between realistic representation and funky abstraction.

Instagram: @doraknuteson
Facebook: @DoraKnutesonArt
Pinterest: @doraknute

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Henrique Leal

Henrique Miguel Rodrigues Leal is born in 1992 in a small island called "Ilha da Madeira" from Portugal, has a degree in visual arts and multimedia from the University of Madeira, has participated in several exhibitions since 2015.

Facebook: @henriquelealart
Twitter: @henriquelealart


Desarae Lee

Desarae Lee is a fine artist and illustrator from Salt Lake City, Utah. Her art has appeared in galleries and art shows across the US and she has won numerous awards for her work including Best of Show, Best Illustrator, and Featured Artist. She is a published author and illustrator and serves as a founding board member at Salt Lake City’s Downtown Artist Collective, where she can occasionally be found teaching drawing or printmaking.

Desarae’s technique revolves around using line to create value and texture. Working primarily with pen and ink, Desarae balances exact, meticulous line-work with natural, flowing compositions. Over time, her work has developed to include watercolor, tea staining, and printmaking. This shift results in more organic drawings that still maintain her original intricacy.

Influenced by personal trauma and struggles with depression and anxiety disorders, Desarae creates work that revolves around themes of finding humor in pain, beauty in the grotesque, and light in the darkness. As comfortable referencing geek culture as she is bearing the depths of her soul, Desarae’s work ranges in theme but is always, as she says, “an attempt to connect the hidden places in myself to the hidden places in the viewer, to somehow create a bridge of communication over the immense expanse of our differing perceptions, beliefs, and experiences.”

When she is not drawing or printing, Desarae can be found roaming the Rocky Mountains of Utah with her ever-patient partner Jared and her stubborn Schnauzer Boris.

Instagram: @DesaraeLee
Facebook: @DesaraeLeeFineArtandIllustration


Michelle Marra

As far back as I can remember I had a paintbrush in my hand. My mother recognized my obsession and enrolled me in private art lessons throughout my childhood into high school. Art took a back seat while making a career and then a family. I took up my brush in earnest about eight years ago while spending more time in Florida. I started working in oils and realism but knew I was missing something. Taking an acrylic and abstract painting workshop in 2012 changed my focus as it allowed me to give a visual voice to my inner world.

I see in swaths of color and light. Painting has become my meditation set into motion. I allow the colors and the initial marks to take me to the next step. It can be a complete joy and at the same time the process of not knowing can be completely nerve-wracking. I often say a bad day painting is better than a day of not painting at all!

Instagram: @michellemarrastudio

Photo by Kirsten Smith Photography

Patricia McManus

Since a very young age, I have been creative, drawing, painting and designing my own dresses.  Although, I didn’t originally pursue my dream of becoming a fine artist, about a year ago I watched a video on social media which impacted me significantly; it encouraged people to do what.  they are passionate about  and share their talents.  Since that moment, my spare time has been spent creating numerous wonderful abstract pieces inspired by nature and beautiful people, utilizing, but not limited to, acrylics, chalk paint and oil pastels.  I can’t describe the joy I feel when I am painting... it’s my world, my real passion.  I love meeting clients and so honored for the opportunity to enhance their beautiful homes with my artwork! 

Instagram: @pm_fine_art
Facebook: @PatriciaMcManusFineArt


Renee Mendler

Renee Mendler is a contemporary artist best known for her free-flowing resin abstracts. Her artwork is inspired by the wonders of nature and her own emotional responses to color, texture, and design. She paints across many abstract styles and mediums including resin, acrylics, and various mixed media.

She finds beauty and excitement in the freedom of her abstract painting process. Color and movement take over the surface and create radiant, enchanting works. Each painting is completely original, made from her own unique painting process.  “When I begin, I let my emotions take over and upon completion I feel as though I expressed what words cannot say.”  Based on acrylics, mixed media, and resin, her work is the result of long and ongoing experiments and study with different techniques and will undoubtedly keep on evolving through time.

Self-taught, she previously worked as a math teacher for 10 years before pursuing a career as an artist. "Mathematics and art are more related than one would think.  There is a dance between the two disciplines.  Visual imagery of the ebb and flow of equations can construct beautiful abstract compositions.”

Renee divides her time between being a stay at home mom to two amazing children, and painting every second she gets in her at home studio.

Instagram: @reneemendlerart
Facebook: @reneemendlerart


Cassandra Ott

I make mixed media images and patterns by combining vivid color, playful experimentation and a light hearted sense of humor. My work illuminates impossible rainbows in vintage photographs and joins diverse plant pieces together to create hybrid flowers. My love of puzzles, repetition and decorative patterns often become a part of the images, stemming from the influence of my mother’s textile background and father’s architectural practice.

Biology and physics tell us that plants growing and rainbows appearing are not magic, but they inspire those feelings; that mysterious elements are at play - enchanting and aesthetically powerful. Since reading that no two people can see the exact same rainbow, I have been investigating these magical and fleeting phenomena, using color spectrums as a tool to explore perspective.

In an atmosphere where news and media are moving at a disorienting pace and content is vastly negative I am consciously creating moments of respite. My work provides spaces for the eyes and mind to slow down and reset - visual antidotes to offset the negativity present in our current climate. While the range of imagery is wide, themes of beauty, memory and optimism are common threads.

Instagram: @cassiott
Facebook: @cassandraottartist
Pinterest: @cassandraott


Melissa Partridge

Colorful, Abstract Intuitive Artist. I find inspiration in my Love of Color, Texture and my travels abroad. I believe everyone is Creative and offer Creative Expressive Workshops in my Art Studio in Amesbury, MA.

Instagram: @MelissaPartridgeArt
Facebook: @MelissaColorMeHappy
Pinterest: @Colormelissa


Stephanie Anne Reynolds

Stephanie Anne’s artwork is created using a mixture of alcohol inks, resin and hi flow acrylics. Stephanie draws her inspiration from the immeasurable artistic potential within the color palettes around her as well as the connection between the mind and nature and how it impacts how we see and feel things.
The fusion of multiple colors and the dynamics between a color mixes is what inspires her art and though the color palettes in her work may vary, the connection between our natural environment and the human mind remains its constant theme. Stephanie accolades color for its powerful symbolism and employs it to communicate emotion and mood.
Stephanie creates intense personal moments masterfully created by means of free flow and omissions designed to lure the viewer round in circles and through a whimsical space that consumes the viewer and seeks to impart a sense intense thought and emotion. Her work seeks to express the meaning of an emotional experience rather than physical reality.

Instagram: @Sullcher.Creative.Design
Facebook: Sullcher Creative Design


Rachel Schlothan

Living and working in California, artist Rachel Schlothan uses line work in acrylic painting and linocut printmaking. Primarily focusing on moments of true connection to ones surroundings, these works feature a high level of detail meant to draw the viewer into a moment of stillness and reflection. Whereas we are usually in such a rush to live our lives that we take in only a blurred version of our world, these artworks highlight the often overlooked details of our environments.

"Motherhood changed a lot of things for me in a short amount of time. My first born is a sensitive soul who flourishes with simplicity, calm and connection. His needs caused me to slow down. To take the time to truly connect with him and our surroundings. That's when I started to see how much I had been missing in the rush to live life. We'd have these moments where I'd be holding him and he'd just settle in and be completely still. Utterly connected to me and to his surroundings. The breeze in our hair, the feel of the grass on our skin, the smell of the flowers in the field. Things that I'd only noticed before as a blur, I began to see the details. And those details amazed me. I wondered, how many other people glance at the world around them and retain something like an impressionist painting without ever really seeing those details and how incredible they are? That's when I knew I wanted to create in a way that focused on those details. But it was a while before I found a way to do that. I happened upon line painting almost by accident. I was looking for two things: a way to focus on small details and a style that I could come to and from easily at a moments notice. My first line painting was just an experiment, but oh, it made sense. It felt like I'd come home. Every ounce of myself knew that this fit, that I could use simple lines to convey the overlooked details around us."

Instagram: @RSchlothan
Facebook: RSchlothan
Pinterest: RMS

Sylwia Smoron.jpeg

Sylwia Smoron

Since a young age I had a great passion for design, colors, shapes and the visual arts, but I have always kept this passion as a part of my private, not professional life. In 2015 however, I moved with my family to a beautiful, very special house with a detached studio. From that moment, my desire to create has grown. Whether it was the house or the studio, it has aroused a great urge in me to start creating professionally. And this was the beginning of my creative career.

As an art designer, my ambition is to give a room an exclusive touch with my paintings. I design artworks that are in harmony with a room, perfectly fitting the client’s style, space and interior. I connect artistic and decorative elements. In my opinion, a painting has to fit into a room — and that’s my motivation and my goal with every commission.

Instagram: @artsbysylwiasmoron
Facebook: @artSbySylwiaSmoron