Artists of Social Media

We are pleased to introduce the 25 artists who are featured in the second edition of Artists of Social Media!  Below, please find a description of their work as well as contact information for each artist. 


Laura Aldridge (former Richards)

I am a watercolor artist, always chasing inspiration in the Blue Ridge Mountains. My work reduces the natural landscape to a series of lines, shapes, and layers, depicting a very stripped-down, simplified version of the landscape. I exaggerate the colors I find in nature, striking a balance between observation and imagination with each piece.



Nadine Bakhuizen

I am a visual artist specializing in abstract resin artwork.
The aerial perspective of the ocean and coastal areas in Western Australia inspires my artwork.
I am exploring the blending and flow of colour along with the sun’s reflection on the ocean.
Resin is controlled to a certain degree but I love how resin has a mind of it's own and the unpredictability of the outcome I find intriguing which makes each artwork unique.

Instagram: @nbresinart
Facebook: nbresinart

Abbie Cairns.png

Abbie Cairns

Cairns’ practice explores the social aspect of language and how it cannot exist within a vacuum and considers how the site of language changes the language. She is interested in how our own language is mediated by the languages of others and cannot exist privately.
Her work explores types of conversational texts including the use of questions, as well as more instructive text. The text used within Cairns’ practice is highly important and is often text which is ‘found’ or ‘readymade’. These texts draw on our shared public language and reference elements of social contracts that we follow in our everyday lives. Such as; ‘No Entry’, ‘Exit Only’, ‘Keep Left’, to name a few. There is an urge on Cairns’ side to bring humor into the work. This is essential in allowing the otherwise instructional, directional, ‘don’t do that’, nature of the texts to become more accessible and less authoritative.

Instagram: @abbiecairnsportfolio
Facebook: abbiemakesart
Twitter: @ExhibitionsAC
Pinterest: Abbie Cairns Artist


Carolina Della Valle

I am a painter, a journal keeper and life documenter.
The sky is my muse...intimate fleeting moments as clouds dissipate into the sky.
My life is my muse…snippets of time portrayed in paint.
I paint small moments because small moments when pieced together become the elements of something so much bigger…whether it is the world in which we live or the memories that make it ours alone.

Instagram: @Making.Me


Robin Ewing

In situations and moments in my life, I remember the color of the memory..."what did the color filter look like" What colors were present and mixing together? What did that mean I was feeling? Did others feel that same filter? What did they see or feel?"
 I have always been fascinated with color. All colors; muted colors, bright colors, dull colors, ugly colors, and all in between. I have always wondered, and thought (for more hours than I will admit), how everyone sees them individually and what that means about their reaction to that color. When I was teaching, I always told my students that color was the most important element of art. After drawing realistically in pencil for the last 7 years, I finally dove back into my first love…color. I believe color has the power to make the viewer feel such a wide range of emotions, and feel it intensely! My husband has always said that I am either one million percent in love with something or I cannot stand it at all. This is how I am with my artwork.. I work with them, like a puzzle, until that moment when I so intensely love them, that I cannot change anything. I have always wanted people to have a strong reaction to my work, whatever that reaction may be.

Instagram: @RobinEwingArt
Facebook: Robin Ewing Art

Liz Flores.jpg

Liz Flores

Working primarily with acrylic paint, oil pastel, and ink on paper my focus on black and white patterns and abstract figures convey motion and energy. I am deeply influenced by stories and memories and bringing them to life using lines and shapes, paring things down to the essentials. Not what transpired or who was there, but how it felt.

Overall, I hope to create conversation around our own human condition and expand our ideas of what is possible.

Instagram: @Lizitto
Twitter: @LizFlores81


Sandy Gaskett

I have a passion to create vibrant seascapes, giant rolling waves and colorful abstracts. I love to use energetic brush strokes and oceanic splashes of color. I am always hopeful in capturing the special vibe our West Australian beaches are so famous for.

Instagram: @Gasbombgirl
Facebook: Gasbombgirl
Twitter: @Gasbombgirl


Terra Gedeon

Painting has been the wings I never knew I needed to fly my soul. I use bold colors to create a dance for your eyes and to make your stories come to life with brushstrokes. I live for the sake of the story, for the sake of the tears and for the sake of the smile that my work can exude.

Instagram: @eye_can_see_arts
Facebook: eyecanseearts

Kaity Harmon.jpeg

Kaity Harmon

I focus on creating portraits with oil paint on wood slabs. I love connecting with a subject and capturing details that make them unique, and really bringing out their personality through vibrant colors (and sometimes shapes).

Instagram: @acciokaityart
Facebook: Accio Kaity Art
Twitter: @acciokaityart

Katie Hillman.jpg

Katie Hillman

A landscape painter compelled by the stories an environment holds, I want people to be inspired by or connect with the natural world around us. I believe it's important for people to have some place or moment in the natural world, whether it's the way the setting sun strikes the leaves of the tree in their backyard, the smell of a coastline they grew up near or an image they see of a mountain they long to visit, that forges a connection between themselves and their environment. My hope is to nourish and preserve these connections.

My work deals with the relationships between an idea of a place, the colors and shapes which form it, and implied narratives. The landscapes I paint evoke memories and feelings of an actual location through the combination of these elements, but the places remain unidentified and details are altered. I’m interested in how far removed a viewer can be from the physical site but still be able to grasp the integral essence of the place. My paintings are typically inspired by personal photographs and memories, and are never completed on site.

I'll often ask friends who travel to places I've never been for the honor of painting from one of their photographs. I'm drawn to the colors and forms within, and to the idea of a place where I've yet to be but was treasured by someone else.

Instagram: @artistkatiehillman

Photo by Kirsten Smith Photography

Jenny Hobbs

I love to create abstract pieces using the colors I find around me in nature. My work is predominantly acrylic on paper or canvas applied using my trusty palette knives. I love to capture the color of the image I’m trying to create along with the movement of the knife swish.

Instagram: @jenwa_art
Facebook: Jenwa Art


Jessica Joy London

“Wonder and the sublime are both experiences tied to the visual taken in a deeply intellectual way; they both lead us back to reflection on ourselves and on our human powers”

-Phillip Fisher ‘Wonder, The Rainbow and the Aesthetics of Rare Experiences.’

I imagined if it rained color the landscape would look like my paintings. Shades of blue would flow from leaf to fallen leaf picking them up and repositioning them on bright green blades of grass and grey concrete in harmonious compositions. Passersby would step in puddles of yellow tracking footsteps across the landscape changing blues into greens and reds into oranges. Pinks and oranges would flow between spaces of rocks too heavy to be carried away, staining them and evaporating back into the clouds.

I am interested in combining the aesthetics of glass, light, color and translucency with biology to elicit an interest in natural phenomena. Thousands of plastic circular forms are arranged according to their opacity, hue, and form to create larger organisms. They draw on memories of coral and the fantastical. My paintings take a different approach. They are tasked with revealing invisible or often overlooked artifacts of our physical world. Using processes gleaned from working in a bio-medical lab I document my process of experimentation. Variables such as method of dispersion, amounts and types of pigment, diluent and ancillary materials such as grass, rocks, and allium remnants are used in small scale. I use this information to orchestrate pieces of integrated natural circumstance. Each artifact of this process is isolated and presented as a specimen. My goal is to reframe the viewer's experience of the natural world and position them to seek out details of the world at large.

Instagram: @jjlstudios
Facebook: jessicajoylondonstudios

Donna Malone.JPG

Donna Malone

Donna Malone is a Brisbane based artist who has been represented by Lorraine Pilgrim gallery since 2007.
Donna explores the idea of breath/spirit through drawing and paper collage.
Her practise depends on the persuasion and engagement of available materials with the environment around her.
"Drawing, for me, is not just the art of measuring and putting down, it is also the act of receiving.
Whilst drawing (when the Language of Drawing is Open) I am responding to a force coming from behind a given set of appearances. By doing this, I am having a crack at conveying 'the moment.' 
In the act of Collaging, the papers I choose tend to be lovingly interrogated in a rhythmic yet relentless way. I do this by marking, erasing, gluing, shuffling, gauging, and stapling to fully exploit the surface quickly and sensually. Then I build the narrative with the materials at hand.
Through these processes I am aware of an equal energy moving towards me in an unspoken dialogue. By collaborating with this force, I see myself participating in 'a slice of the action' as a series of marks and exertions are caught on the paper and so become the image.
The work is then 'done' when it is still alive and kicking - in spite of everything - not silenced... when I can still hear it breathing."
Donna Malone January 2018

Instagram: _donnamalone
Facebook: donna malone visual artist

Lourdes Montes.jpeg

Lourdes Montes

I make my art with vibrant colors and delicious textures. Most of it is inspired by my mood and things in nature. My goal is to look for peace within myself and for my art to become a place to get lost in satisfaction.


Jaci Musec.JPG

Jaci Musec

My work is abstract, intuitive, colorful and bold. The focus shifts and bends naturally with the rhythm of my life. As I live I create. My process is deeply connected to and rooted in the exploration of my emotions. I mostly work with acrylics, mixed media and water color.
I work with themes of Infertility, Mental Health, Depression, Anxiety, Connection and Self- love.

I always dreamt of being an artist. But it didn’t seem realistic. Instead, I spent years and years and years stuck on the idea… that I am JUST creative.  It wasn’t until I was utterly broken down, in the midst of a difficult and long journey through infertility that things began to change. I started painting as a way to pass time and distract myself during treatment. Unlike in my past attempts at painting, I didn’t have expectations; I wasn’t working towards a goal. I was just creating for the sake of the process. Hoping to bring myself a little joy and reprieve from my mental anguish. I painted and painted and painted. I never imagined it would lead to more than that.

Instagram: @artbyjacimusec
Facebook: artbyjacimusec
Pinterest: @jacimusec

Ashleigh Norrie.png

Ashleigh Norrie

I work in a variety of printmaking media ranging from etchings to screen printed textile mixed media pieces. I have always been drawn to more organic forms inspired from the natural environment. Color, shape and pattern are key elements within my practice and layered imagery is created instinctively based on previous layers. My work evolves and develops through the process of print and working with the unpredictability of more fluid techniques such as spit bite etching, I have recently combined more traditional printing methods with more textile based techniques to create layers transferable between paper and fabrics.

Instagram: @ash_norrie_artist
Pinterest: hollyblue80

Ashley Prejoles.jpg

Ashley Prejoles

Watercolor is more than a medium to me - it’s my partner! To pair myself with watercolor is to embrace the uncertainty of the water, and watch the reaction between the paint and paper unfold. The painting process is a lot of fun and it keeps me constantly intrigued! Because of the unpredictable nature of
the paint, I like to combine it with subjects that mimic its own wild and free temperament: skies, water, animals...and sometimes I like to simply create an abstract where the paint itself becomes the star of the show. This relationship with the paint is the art - it’s about the process of watching the paint flow, and bleed. That’s what I show up for everyday. And when the painting is done, I have a record of the whole thing!

Instagram: @ashleyprejolesart
Facebook: ashleyprejolesart
Pinterest: ashleyprejolesart

Eric Headshot Web.jpg

Eric M. Roberts

I have come to art slowly. I was not trained in studio arts, or graphic arts, or any art really. My art is born from my curiosity and my desire to express the beauty I see in the world. My earliest work was confined to sketchbooks that accompanied me to work every day. The whole of my effort, at that time, was to capture the architecture that inspired me (I am an architect by profession). In time I taught myself to watercolor and expanded my attention to things that demonstrate life's conflicts: light/dark, solid/void, man-made/natural, bright/dull etc. My art is an exploration of what I find beautiful.

Instagram: EricMRobertsArt
Facebook: EricMRobertsArt
Twitter: eric0822

Anna Salzmann.jpg

Anna Salzmann

Painting helps me discover the world from various perspectives. It is always exciting and new and I strive to uncover a truth about myself and the world I live in, about the worlds other people around me live in, and find the differences and similarities and the juxtaposition of our shared as well as our contrasting truths and perspectives.

Instagram: @annasalzmannartist
Facebook: AnnaSalzmannArt

marita speen.jpg

Marita Speen

I grew up in Germany near the Eifel region with smooth mountains, a lot of forrest and old little towns. The proximity to nature is still present and travel is a big part of my life. 2013 I began my studies of Arts and Media Design in Wuppertal.
Since then my work became more and more abstract, seeking for the unspoken between words. Art is my form to communicate nearly vanished memories, impressions, emotions. Every work conveys a little story within the big story of a life.

Abstraction is a form of direct expression of my mind, memory and experience. Unfiltered from words it tells the emotional and spontaneous story of my life. Art is my nonverbal form of thinking.
Memories blend together, deform and become something individual, independent from reality. Just like memories develop a life of their own, my paintings tend to do the same. They grow into their own narrative strand, every sketch and big painting contributes to the story.

Instagram: @maritaspeenart
Pinterest: maritaspeen

Tammy Staab.jpg

Tammy Staab

I'm greatly moved by the way color plays on the canvas juxtaposed with the beautiful quiet spaces that reflects a great hope in the storms of life. My goal is always to produce a piece that makes my inner self feel alive. It's a mystery as I work with my intuition to build the layers. And suddenly, it happens. It comes together in a beautiful way.  The experience of creating is what I share with the world.

I use layers and layers of acrylic paint to build up a beautiful history on which the final piece rests. Within the layers, I have hidden prayers and biblical truths to infuse the piece with the spirit that has motivated me to be a creator in the image of my Creator. I also include many other mediums within, including graphite, charcoal, pastel, or ink, to incorporate line and movement into each piece. All are orchestrated together to provide the viewer with an abstract color experience.

Instagram: @tammystaabfineart
Facebook: Tammy Staab Fine Art

Maria Renee Turner.jpg

Maria Reneé Turner

I am a contemporary artist inspired by creation.

I received my degree in Studio Art from George Fox University, and began painting the beautiful Oregon sceneries surrounding me. Big open skies, rolling hills and gray cumulous clouds gave me a sense of awe and wonder. I feel that as I paint and study these subjects I am taking an art class from God.

Currently I teach and create art in Southwest Germany. I find joy in learning from my students as well as find inspiration living in the midst of The Black Forest. In the process of adjusting to living somewhere new, I have found comfort spending time drawing the unique homes and landscapes surrounding my new home. I strive to recreate emotions through color, lines, textures, and shapes. My sincerest hope is that as I continue to dwell on the natural beauty surrounding us, it would bring life to others. I hope to offer people peace, joy, and a deep sense of wonder through art.

Instagram: @mariarenee_art
Facebook: MariaReneeArt

Alexandra Uro.jpg

Alexandra Uro

I am a Mexican creative introvert, born and raised in Mexicali, Baja California. The artistic style that I have been developing for a year now is all intuitive, charged fully with a love and devotion to color and abstraction. There’s this contradiction going on in my pieces, between crisp, very defined outlines and lopsided, organic shapes. I do hope to get to that place where people see a piece of my art and know it was made by me. Until then, I want my art in people’s homes, offices, or even around their necks with my new neckerchief and scarf collection based on my pieces… bringing smiles to their faces, a moment to reflect, being that respite in a dreary day.

Instagram: @alexandra.uro

Megan Watkins.JPG

Megan Watkins

The act of making marks is perhaps the most basic human instinct. Drawing is what makes me human. My art keeps me sane. It is such a release to me. I cannot see myself doing anything else in my life other than creating art and learning about it. Art helps me communicate my emotions better than using words. I am a visual person at heart. I do not want to merely project my own emotions on paper, I want to inspire emotions in others. My goal is to pull the viewer into my work and invite them to feel what I am trying to say about the world visually. I want to evoke a sense of empathy with my work and the type of feelings I portray in my drawings and paintings. When I do this I feel successful as an artist.

Instagram: @meganwatkinsarts
Facebook: MeganWatkinsArts
Twitter: @meganwatkinsart
Pinterest: MeganWatkinsArts

Anika Zebron.jpg

Anika Zebron

Since childhood, doodles, humor, and the world around me have been my entertainment. In the last years, I’ve found a special joy in sharing both my love for creating and for culture through Anika Zebron Design. My designs are a marriage of analog and digital art, and inspired by people and messages that I hold dear.

Being able to share my work with my community, face to face and in internet space, has provided an incredible amount of motivation and encouragement. Finding my tribe online has cultivated real relationships and kinship, and has also opened many doors of opportunity. The collective, vibrant support of the artist community is something I am deeply passionate about, and grateful to be a part of.

Instagram: @anikazebron
Twitter: @AnikaLea